Asian Feather and Voice Pigeons

This group includes breeds developed for extensive feathering that originated in the Asian region, as well as breeds cultivated for their trumpeting, or laughing, voice. Fantail Frillback Jacobin Lahore Trumpeter English Trumpeter

Colour Pigeons

Most of these pigeons originate in Germany. There are many different varieties, with a wide selection of colours and markings. Archangel Pigeon Danish Suabian Pigeon Saxon Field Pigeon Starling Pigeon Swallow Pigeon Thuringen Field Pigeon Ice Pigeon

Exhibition Tumblers

This group originally consisted of flying/tumbler breeds, but has now been refined to include only purely ornamental/exhibition breeds. Budapest Short Face Tumbler English Long Faced Tumbler English Short Faced Tumbler Helmet English Magpie Nun

Flying Tumblers and Highfliers

This group is dual purpose in that its members can be shown, but also retain acrobatic or sporting ability and can therefore be used in flying competitions. Flying tumbler varieties belong in this group. Although many varieties in this grouping have become primarily show varieties, they are still expected to...

Frills and Owls

The word “frill” here relates to the reversed feathering on the chest of these varieties. This group is also noted for having short beaks. Old Dutch Capuchine Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl African Owl Chinese Owl Italian Owl Old German Owl Oriental Frill Turbit

Homer and Hen Pigeons

This group includes breeds originally developed for their homing ability, and includes show-type racing pigeons. American Show Racer Dragoon English Carrier German Beauty Homer Homing Pigeon

Pouters and Croppers

This group includes breeds developed for the ability to inflate their crops. English Pouter Brunner Pouter Gaditano Pouter Holle Cropper Horseman Pouter Norwich Cropper Pigmy Pouter Pouter Voorburg shield cropper Old German Croppers

South African Breeds

The South African Botternek Tumbler (Tortoiseshell) was bred the deceased Boet (Jan) van der Walt of Pretoria Gardens . The South African Toy Pigeon is a medium large sized pigeon, which is rather long and haunches (legs slightly bent) a bit. When it is in the judging ring, it must present itself as proud and challenging, never fearful.

Utility Pigeons

This group includes breeds originally developed as sources of meat. Carneau Gross Mondain King Runt Strasser

Welcome to the South African Fancy Pigeon Association

For the love and care of Fancy Pigeons / Vir die liefde en versorging van Sierduiwe


Founded in Cape Town on the 23 April 1943, the South African Fancy Pigeon Association has grown into a large organisation which today consists of 10 different areas and 20 specialists clubs reaching to all the corners of South Africa and has a diverse history of over 74 years.

The sport of Fancy Pigeons is a peaceful and enjoyable culture which encourages fellowship and a passion for any member of society, and has become a family sport throughout South Africa.


In the early 1940’s, the so-called important and well-known pigeon fanciers felt the necessity of establishing a country wide organisation to handle the ”problems in solving the differences between the various fanciers and to obtain show pens for pigeon shows as was the case in overseas countries.” 


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September / October 2017 Edition

September / October 2017 Edition

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Fancy Pigeon Showing Manual

Fancy Pigeon Showing Manual

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Racing Pigeon Showing Manual

Racing Pigeon Showing Manual

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