Norwich Cropper

The Norwich Cropper Pigeon

Was developed in the Norfolk area of England over many years of selective breeding. This breed is descendants from the feral or wild rock pigeon. Earlier history of this breed is somewhat lost in time. The breed is thought to have been developed from a Dutch breed called the Oploper.

The Norwich Cropper pigeon is a medium to large sized bird with beautiful appearance.

It is a slim bird which stands erect, almost on tiptoes. It can hold the inflation of its crop for long periods of time. Globe of these birds is large and round, which stands out from its body at right angles.

The continuous inflation of its crop and the erect station of its body are the outstanding characteristics of these birds.

They usually have smaller sized head in proportion to their body and globe size. Their beak is of medium length with a slim upper mandible that is slightly curved at the tip.

Eyes of the Norwich Cropper pigeon are rather bold with fine, thread like eye cere. The color of their eyes is usually red-orange, but the white birds have bull eyes.
Their wings are of medium length which is held close to the body.
Their body feathers are hard, silky and tight, and fitted very close to the body, particularly in the thigh and vent areas.

Tail of the Norwich Cropper pigeon is closely fitting and carried just clear of the ground.
Their legs are set well in the center of their body and are clean.
Average body height of the Norwich Cropper pigeon is about 38 cm.
And average live body weight of the mature birds varies from 425 to 455 grams.
The breed is smaller in size than the English Pouter, but larger than the Pigmy Pouter pigeon.

The Norwich Cropper pigeon is mainly an exhibition breed but also good for ornamental purposes.

The Norwich Cropper pigeon is a very beautiful breed with a wonderful appearance. It is highly regarded for its delightful and attention loving personality. It is very friendly in nature and is companionable.
They are pretty hardy, and average lifespan of the Norwich Cropper pigeon is about 7-10 years.

The breed is often considered as the best of the best.

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