Awards and Colours

Awards and Colours

  • Members who obtain their national colours are awarded the green National Blazer.
  • This blazer may be awarded for three different reasons and is worn with the appropriate Scroll, namely Administration, Breeder or Judging.
  • From 2018 these awards can be achieved in the following categories:  National colours, National colours level Silver and National Colours level Gold.  These additional achievement levels acknowledge achievements that exceeded the standard set for National Colours.
  • Honour colour scrolls are issued to members on the recommendation of each region.
  • Members who serve the Association with distinction over a period of time may be awarded the “Fancy Pigeon: Hall of Fame”, the ultimate award in SAFPA.
  • A long service button is awarded to members in good standing on completing 10, 20, 30, 35 years and then every 5 years thereafter.
  • Nationals Colours were awarded the first time in 1992.

The following were the recipients since 1992

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Special Awards on Shows

A special feature of Regional and Championship Shows is the “Top Seven Awards” where interbreed judging takes place. Breed judges ascertain the Champion bird in each breed. The Breed Champions (there may be 70 of them if there are 70 different breeds on show) are then judged a Senior “All Round” Judge to find the seven best pigeons on show, namely the Grand Champion Pigeon on Show. The top seven awards are made up of the 7 best birds on show.  An award for the best young bird is added to the awards, as well as the champion and reserve champion birds exhibited a junior member.

The interbreed judging is the most thrilling event of the National Championship Show each year, and to obtain such an award is a breathtaking experience that is difficult to describe to others. To exhibit the Grand Champion Pigeon in South Africa may happen only once in the lifetime of a fancier.