Members Section

What SAFPA offers new members

  • Every member is allocated to the appropriate region according to his or her residential address. There are currently 10 regions in total.
  • Information on the allocated region’s shows, news and other member’s details will be provided to each new member to initiate and encourage fellowship between members
  • All members are encouraged to obtain the Book of Standards of Fancy Pigeons. This book contains standards of over 100 different breeds, with sketches and photos to illustrate each breed. This can be ordered and purchased from SAFPA

The advantages of a membership

  • All registered members can order the necessary rings from the Ringmaster. SAFPA sells about 25 000 rings per year, only to registered members.
  • Members are entitled to show their pigeons in any region during the show season, which runs from March until July. During this period, roughly 20 regional and agricultural shows are staged, as well as the National Championship Show.
  • Competition between fanciers is keen and perseverance is required to gain the champion in your breed or to have the Grand Champion on show. Attractive prizes of various kinds can be won at the Regional shows as well as at the Championship Show. These may vary between diplomas, trophies, cash prizes or useful articles.
  • The Association offers a variety of branded items to members. There include ties and windbreakers in various colours
  • Various collar knots may be obtained for membership and the different regions.
  • Members receive awards for certain achievements, please refer to our rewards page for more details