Christo Britz

Welcome to my page. 

I am Christo Britz and I am a member of SAFPA since 1973 and I am involved with the English Longface Tumbler since 1977. 

During my journey with the English Long Faced tumbler I have had the privilege to judge the breed on a national level in both South Africa and Australia and I’ve been invited to judge in the middle East as well. I received my National Colours for judging in 2004.

I believe that competition assist breeders to focus and enhance the breed and created a movement called the Boxbeak. 

This movement aim to enhance the breed empowering their breeders with knowledge.  The breeders of the winning birds are awarded points towards the scroll of fame, rather than the exhibitors.  I am proud to top the Boxbeak Leaderboard, but I always aim to uplift my fellow breeders.

On the SAFPA national front I do not have the opportunity to attend shows on a regular basis but have nonetheless produced enough winners to be awarded National Colours in 2006.

The most important ingredient of success in this hobis the obtaining of good stock-birds.  I have been fortunate to import top birds from 11 master-breeders in 4 leading countries to supplement my breeding stock. Included in these imports was what was then the undisputed leading English Longface Tumbler stud in the world, those of Don Copeland in the USA.

I look forward to meeting more people that are interested in joining the group of breeders that work on improving the crown- prince of the fancy pigeon hobby.

Contact Christo for all enquiries:

083 6266003

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