Chris De Bruin

Welcome to my page. 

Chris is a second generation fancier who grew up with pigeons and joined SAFPA in 1994.

His main breeds are utility breeds, namely Cauchois, Strassers, American Giant Runts, Gross Mondains, Kings and Swiss Mondains. He also keeps Old German Owls and Dutch Highfliers.

During the 2004 National Championship Show he exhibited the Champion Bird, as well as the Champion Young Bird on Show with a bronze tri-colour Cauchois cock. During the 2010 National Championship Show he again had the privilege to exhibit the fourth Reserve Champion Bird on Show, again with a bronze tri-colour Cauchois cock.

During 2004 he helped “Bart” and the film crew of 7de Laan on SABC2 with the do and don’ts of the breeding and showing of fancy pigeons. Two Polish Lynx, namely Breëbors and Bekkie, appeared on the set of 7de Laan, for several months. He was also involved in several other advertisement recordings that was broadcasted on national television.

During 2007 he and his son imported some Cauchois, American Giant Runts, Chinese Owls, Old German Owls and Dutch Highfliers from America. These birds all had an immense influence in improving the quality of the local birds, especially the American Giant Runts and Dutch Highfliers.

He is serving on the National Executive Committee of SAFPA from 2000, first only as Regional Representative and from 2001 also as National Treasurer of SAFPA, to June 2016, when he was elected as National President of SAFPA.

He is also serving on the Regional Executive Committee of North of the Vaal (previously known as Northern-Transvaal) from 1996 to date. During 2005 he received full National Colours in the categories for Breeding, Judging and Administration and in 2010 he was appointed as Senior Judge.

Young birds are usually available after the breeding season and his contact details are:

Contact Chris for all enquiries:

Cell: 0824268703 


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