Accredited Judges

The South African Fancy Pigeon Association have a process of qualification before a person may judge a pigeon-breed on a show that falls under the jurisdiction of the South African Fancy Pigeon Association.  Judges can be divided into two categories: Breed judges and interbreed/senior judges.

The interbreed awards, known in the pigeon fancy as the top 7, can only be judged an interbreed/senior judge.  The interbreed judges are appointed from within the pool of experienced breed judges that qualify according to the current set of criteria.  The most important aspect is the knowledge of a wide variety of breeds and the proven ability to judge these breeds on various shows. This is the highest level of judging in South Africa and the following people achieved this since its inception in 1974:

1974 Barnard Steyn
1987 Renier Lee
1989 Lourens Muller and Ken Garrod
1991 Pierre le Roux, Kobus Snyman and Koot Serfontein
2003 Jas v Niekerk
2004 Christo Munnik, Chris vd walt and Rodney Stevens
2010 Chris de Bruin

The process includes testing on the theoretical knowledge of the written standard as well as a practical test two experienced judges.  Only once all the tests were passed successfully, may a person officiate as a breed judge.

Download or View the current pool of breed judges in South Africa here