Present Developments

Presently, SAFPA have 10 different regions, as well as Namibia, each with their own Regional Committee, the Regional President of each region being the ipso facto representative of the region on the central body, namely the Executive Committee of SAFPA. Each region is responsible for a certain area in the country and must raise their own funds, hold their own Regional Shows, Regional AGM’s and build their own show pens, etc. They must, however, act within the Constitution and Bylaws formulated the AGM of all SAFPA members. This AGM takes place during the Championship Show. Some 22 clubs for specific breeds like Modenas, Jacobins, Blowers, Heavy Breeds, Tumblers etc. all fall under the main body. A region or club cannot just decide to hold a Championship show. This privilege is reserved for the Executive Committee who award the Championship Show to a specific region each year.

The Central Body, namely the Executive Committee, consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Ring Master, Editor, Judges Representative and a Youth Forum Representative, as well as the 10 Regional Presidents. They are responsible for drawing up and making the necessary changes to the Constitution, Bylaws and rules, Show Schedules and Pigeon Standards. Their duties also include the buying and issuing of rings, publication of the bimonthly magazine and disciplinary matters, to name but a few.

The S.A. Fancy Pigeon Magazine was first published in 1969. It was typed, copied and mailed the Editor to all members. Since 1972 when Mr. Ben Ricketts was appointed Editor, the Magazine has been, and still is, printed outside printers. During 1982 until 2005, Kobus & Bertha Snyman were the Editors and they continued to do so. The present Editor since 2005, Mr. Christo Munnik, also does all the typing, layout and scanning of photos up to the point where the negatives are prepared for the printers.