About Us


Founded in Cape Town on the 23 April 1943, the South African Fancy Pigeon Association has grown into a large organisation which today consists of 10 different areas and 20 specialists clubs reaching to all the corners of South Africa and has a diverse history of over 74 years.

The hobof Fancy Pigeons is a peaceful and enjoyable culture which encourages fellowship and a passion for any members of society, and has become a family sport throughout South Africa.

How We Started

In the early 1940’s, the so-called important and well-known pigeon fanciers felt the necessity of establishing a country wide organisation to handle the ”problems in solving the differences between the various fanciers and to obtain show pens for pigeon shows as was the case in overseas countries.” On the morning (08:30) of 13 April 1943, 11 fanciers held a meeting in Hof Street, Cape Town “with the object of forming a country wide Fancy Pigeon Club.” This is how the South African Fancy Pigeon Club, with its headquarters in Cape Town, was inaugurated, and it was only in the 1980’s that the name changed from “Club” to “Association”.”

In September 1943, the S.A. Fancy Pigeon Club spread its wings from Cape Town to various parts of the country and the end of the year more than 100 members had enrolled, but not without problems. The very strong Fantail Club refused to join the SAFPC and a meeting was called to “iron out the negative feelings between the Fantail Club and the SAFPC.” Everything went well at this meeting. The two groups decided that it would be better to join forces and also decided to “create areas (currently Regions) in every part of the then Union of South Africa.” The first membership fees were fixed at 3 shillings per year until they were “regretfully” raised to 3 shillings and sixpence in 1948.

Shows in various areas started to gain momentum all over South Africa, but it was only in 1946 that the first National Championship Show was held in East London to decide on the Grand Champion Fancy Pigeon. The late Mr. AW (Willie) Roos of Pietersburg, who at times kept more than 1 000 fancy pigeons of 60 different breeds, was the first recipient of this award.